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Eating Out = Investments As 50 something - empty nesters, My wife and I go out to eat a lot. I started investing and matching what we spend going out to eat every month. So as our going out to eat budget ebbs and flows, so do our Investments/Savings. This also keeps us mindful of what our discretionary budget actually IS. I also do the Auto-Stash of $20 per month.. So far so good. Try it, you'll like it!

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So far so good

Very easy to comprehend, all the information is on the website...easy way to save money without the urge of taking it stash is great...highly recommended for long term saving/investing


App is easy for first time investor. Ive only been an investor for a month, so well see. Its worth a try!

Awesome App!

I always wanted to invest and this app works great. Its great to see what you have invested and there are lots of choices as far as the investments go! And to have all that info with the click of your password!!! Awesome

Easy to navigate

Nice app. Easy to set up account and easy to navigate.

Great Idea, Company Not So Much

I cancelled my Autopay function on the app. and yet they still tried to take money from my account. When I tried to access my account to see if my cancellations had actually been processed, I received a message at the lock screen telling me that my account was locked because they had tried to take money even though had cancelled the Autopay function. Tried calling their "Customer Service" and was put on hold. At this point I just want to cancel my account and get the little money I have in there back. Stick to more traditional means for saving and investing.

Love It

Been with them from the start. Really love this app.

Perfect, exactly what I need

I didnt know how to invest before getting this app. Now I feel like I know what Im doing. I love it

Pending Forever :/

I cant exactly give an honest review at this point. What I need is a Stash Admin to see this and respond appropriately. My account has been pending over 3 weeks now?! Dont advertise 2 - 3 days when in reality its a much longer process. I may just delete the app and go with Acorns.

App is good but the company is not

This app works well for people who are not investment savvy. It was easy to get started and the info about the options is pretty good. Initially I deposited $25 from my account but was only able to use $20. My messages to the company to find out why went unanswered. I have since pulled my money out and would recommend if you get this you keep an eye on the amount you deposit vs how much you can use. Something didnt add up.


Great way to get your feet wet with out taking a bath.

Widget problems

Wanted a widget since I first downloaded it. Now that its here it wont load anything. Not sure if you need a 6s or above. If you do then thats a poor decision.

So far so good

Had this app since August and I love its simplicity. Ive been wanting to invest for a long time and its made me enthusiastic about it. However, it takes AGES for deposits to be taken out of your bank account so just make sure you have enough in there to cover the deposit.

Good so far!

Widget looks good. However the widget doesnt quite update itself unless the app is opened. Small observation but overall still a great app.


Great for stash and investing in the little things in life

Great app

My favorite app!

Stash invest

Your not going to make money like but it really is amazing how much money you can invest starting as low as 5 dollars, before you know it You have $500.00 dollars just like that.Stash invest is for people who think about there long term future,a definite must have!

Spam Email

Be cautious... I starting receiving a bunch of spam email as soon as I set up my acct in Stash. I have sent them an email regarding their policy in sharing customers contact info.

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