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Eating Out = Investments As 50 something - empty nesters, My wife and I go out to eat a lot. I started investing and matching what we spend going out to eat every month. So as our going out to eat budget ebbs and flows, so do our Investments/Savings. This also keeps us mindful of what our discretionary budget actually IS. I also do the Auto-Stash of $20 per month.. So far so good. Try it, you'll like it!

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Helps me save a little money and get involved with investing!

Great App

I have been wanting to invest for many years. This app makes it possible!

Stash invest

Your not going to make money like but it really is amazing how much money you can invest starting as low as 5 dollars, before you know it You have $500.00 dollars just like that.Stash invest is for people who think about there long term future,a definite must have!

Best Investment App Out There

As someone who is new to investing, and finds the whole concept of investing daunting, I love what Stash has done to ease people into the world of personal income growth through investing. From the helpful guides and information, to the great selection of Funds and ETFs - theres something for everyone, I enjoy firing up the app and tracking how my money is working.

Cant add beneficiaries

Still waiting to add POD beneficiaries...

Good app

It is so easy to save and invest with this app. The only recommendation that I have is that the graphs be a little bigger and easier to read. One of the best features is Auto-Stash, as it lets you put money into your account(s) very easily. I love that I can easily pause auto stash. Fix graphs.

Great app and if you use this code to get $5, when you try stash for the first time. Try this out:

Great app for beginner investor

Easy to use and very intuitive

Incredible App

Ive always wanted to invest, not having a bunch of expendable cash, it just wasnt a possibility. This app gives me the opportunity I thought Id never have! Its incredibly user friendly! All around amazing!

Had the app for a month now...

And I have to say; Im impressed. Im a NOOBIE investor; and by that I mean, I currently only have $200 invested. ...but I feel like that will continue to grow, both when I add more monthly, and due to the interest. Ive checked in a couple times to see my investment accounts up by 10-25% which is incredible given the banks give 0.3% of a return on your money in like 10 years. Definitely the way to go; investing is the future of any willing entrepreneur, and for only $1 a month, its so worth it. Jaiden

Super easy to get started investing

Took just a few minutes to sign up and with $5 I got started investing! Links easily to my bank account and the investment ideas were super easy to understand, all low fee diversified portfolios.

Very easy to use

Skeptical at first but has turned out to be great, auto stash is awesome

Too Slow

I wanted to like this app, but the low reviews are right. The funds take forever to go in or take out ,and youre often left waiting for transactions to clear. This takes a very long time. I tried to sell a stock when it was making a profit, but, when it finally sold, it sold for way less than I invested in it because the market had dropped. I tried to sell it before but the app takes too long. Now Im still waiting on the money to go back into my buying power so I can withdraw everything and delete the app for good. Im sure its a lot better when you invest more money and can afford to lose some, but its definitely not for beginners who dont have much to risk.

Love this app

I wish I could make more money...

Stash (Best App)


Safe, Easy & Fun Way to Save a Few Bucks!

I love it this ap not only b/c its so easy, however, it actually gives a more detailed insight on how to save & invest with very little money. It also provides tips on how, & where to place your money. The screens are easy to understand in a sense of which companies/packages would make since for your investment style. Its also great how they reward you with $5 for referring a friend, & your friend will get $5 too

Great app

I havent needed any money back but interesting and fun way to play and invest money!!!!!

Great investment app

The only thing missing is the ability to change your bank. I moved and changed banks. Contacted support and they reset it for me so I could add my new bank. The app has great funds, and very easy to get started and see progress. Even if you have a big investment account you should try this to see how much fun it is.

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